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Bopp Cross bottom bag


Bopp Cross bottom bag Manufacturer in China

Bopp Cross bottom bag Manufacturer & Factory in China - Bpbpak is trustable Bopp bag manufacturer, w have been a renowned company in Bopp bag soft packaging industry, focusing on offering all kinds of Bopp Cross bottom bag and customized packaging solutions for food, packing, forwarding and pharmaceutical industries.

A cross-bottomed bag is a useful and attractive packaging type. Particularly during the Christmas season, when it's printed with golden star cellophane. In addition to its stability and ability to combine large capacity with ease of storage when empty, this product is also suitable for a variety of other storage and packaging tasks due to its clever folding.

Custom Bopp Cross bottom bags

You can find the best custom Bopp Cross bottom bag here for packaging, presenting, protecting, storing, and selling any product. Bpbpak is a leading manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of Bopp Cross bottom bag in China. We can provide you with Bopp Cross bottom bag in multi-color printing, these Bopp Cross bottom bag can also be custom built based on our customer’s special preferences. Custom your Bopp Cross bottom bag with your logo, various sizes, colors now!

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