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Biodegradable Cellulose Bag

Does the natural material of these compostable plastic bags reduce their resistance? Of course not! These bags very durable and resilient .
They are able to withstand higher temperatures foor shorter periods of time.
They are high quality. Even if they are specifically designed for transport.

Cellulose Block bottom bags have the special property, to form a standing surface during deployment. 

They stand firmly without content and therefore are particularly suitable for the filling of bulk goods such as: Spices,Tea,Coffee and other grain foods.

Since a sealing seam forms the bottom of the bag and no adhesive was used, all the contents can be removed without any residue remaining in the fold. But also coarser food, such as: Cornflakes, CookiesPotato Chips, are in good hands in a block-bottom bags. 

The robust plastic film ensures dry storage and long life of the packaged food.
The aroma is preserved in a block bottom bag. 

They are completely odorless and can be used for food packaging.

They are high quality.  Even if they are specifically designed for transport.


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